The balanced, three-ply construction ensures the stability and durability of Mafi Collection products.

The top and bottom layers are from the same species of wood, a layer of Austrian pine laid at 90 degrees is then sandwiched in between and glued using formaldehyde-free adhesive, to alternate the direction of the wood fibers. This technology limits the wood’s contraction and expansion motion while providing flexibility to reduce interior tension within the boards.

The balanced, three-ply construction technology of Mafi Collection flooring gives it increased stability because it reduces the wood movement that can change the gaps between the boards.

This type of construction also makes Mafi flooring the ideal choice to beautify various room types, including those with a high level of moisture such as bathrooms.

Treated with natural oils and air dried without catalysts or solvents, Mafi Collection boards provide an environmentally-friendly solution and unequalled comfort.

Natural, pre-oiled finish:

Increases the wood’s strength from the inside by penetrating deep into the pores

Leaves the pores open and doesn’t create a surface film like those found on varnished or waxed floors

Allows direct contact with the wood and gives a sense of comfort when walking barefoot, because the floor holds a temperature closer to the body’s own than other types of flooring, which are colder to the touch

Offers a wide range of colours reminiscent of nature adapted to any setting

Due to their construction method and finish, Mafi high-end floors can be installed in practically any type of interior room, including kitchens, bathrooms and any room with a heated floor system.

They can also be used in commercial spaces with high traffic like restaurants, shops or hotels. We recommend, however, having a consultation to assess the spaces where the floors will be installed to ensure the product is compatible with the intended use.

In addition to their construction and formaldehyde-free, air-dried assembly Mafi floors:

Help regulate room temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture

Have antibacterial properties

Promote the cleansing of the indoor environment

Mafi Collection pre-oiled flooring is recognized as “worry-free”.

Regular maintenance is performed using warm water and soap whose high oil content improves the wood’s resistance and protects from stains.

For long-term maintenance, this type of pre-oiled flooring can easily be repaired without sanding.

Inspired by nature’s beauty, the Mafi Flex technology allows bending the natural wood to follow the curves of a surface to embellish walls and ceilings.

This product can also be used to provide the maximum visual impact to highlight cylindrical architectural elements like columns, and to cover their surface up to 360 degrees.

The Shou Sugi Ban Collection offered by Unik Parquet comes from Resawn Timber.

This manufacturer has given itself the task of reviving charred wood to make it even more versatile, and offer real added value to designer and architectural projects. Its resolutely contemporary appearance offers professionals a multitude of possibilities for flooring as well as interior and exterior architectural elements.

Versatile, high-performance products from North America, and manufactured according to a patented process

FSC certified products

Recognized for their texture, unique beauty, stability and high durability

A variety of colours from traditional Shou Sugi Ban tones to earth colours or more vivid shades

Many choices of profiles and dimensions (custom product available)


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